Kenyan artists Josephyl, Exray and Teslah’s latest collabo dubbed ‘Achibella’, which features GJB100, is a real trailblazer on the East African music scene.

It is not every day that Kenyan artists come with an electrifying reggae tune but with ‘Achibella’, Josephyl and his team really killed it, because it’s a song that captures everyone’s attention the moment it starts playing.

Now booming at several nightclubs and bars in Kenya, ‘Achibella’ is a song that hits reggae fans to the marrow, because the beats, rhythm and lyrics are all on point.

Given the fact that Kenya has a very big audience for reggae music, chances are high that ‘Achibella’ is a song that will appeal to a big percentage of Kenyans, because the song is simple, crispy and tasty to everyone’s ears!

Actually, ‘Achibella’ is a song that has since taken several Kenyans by storm, because none of them expected Josephyl and his colleagues to come up with such a masterpiece; just out of nowhere.

By the way, ‘Achibella’ isn’t the kind of tune you can easily get enough of and if you don’t believe this, just tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube. 

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