Spotify is buzzing with ‘Achibella’, a scorching new collabo by Josephyl ft. Exray, GJB100 and Teslah, which is just so incredible!

‘Achibella’, which is a fusion of dancehall reggae and some Gengetone vibes, is an electrifying all-star banger, especially because it is performed by four of Kenya’s renowned artists.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys tasty music that comes with no strings attached then ‘Achibella’ is your kind of thing, because this song is for people who want to forget stress and have a nice time.

The song is about a lady (Achibella) who promises to love a man but ends up running away from him not only with other men but also his money, leaving him wondering what to do next.

Well, this is a situation that several men can easily identify with, because there are really many Achibellas everywhere in the world and because of this, the song is already commanding the attention of many people.

With ‘Achibella’ Josephyl ventures into the dancehall genre from his usual Afro-pop style and this kind of versatility is bound to elevate his music career to another level.Go stream the jam on Spotify by tapping the link above, although ‘Achibella’ is also available on other digital platforms.

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