Ghanaian musician AGS Remedy’s latest hit ‘Ohemaa’ is not only just a musical piece but also poses a huge challenge for other artists around the continent.

This is because ‘Ohemaa’, which means ‘queen or empress’, is a song that calls upon other musicians to appreciate the beauty and majesty of African women, and to share it with the rest of the world through their music.

Whereas most African artists sing about getting high, driving SUVs, living large and in most cases portray African women as hookers, AGS Remedy seeks to glorify and exalt the image of the African woman, a Pan-Africanist character that sets him apart from other musicians.

It is a song that every conscious African man would love to listen to attentively, because every man deserves to have his ‘Ohemaa’ in this life and or the next!

Being a song that touches the hearts of both women and men, ‘Ohemaa’ is attracting thousands of streams on YouTube and all indications are that the jam is syncing well with several Ghanaians.

Let’s all show AGS Remedy real support by clicking the  link above to stream ‘Ohemaa’ on YouTube, because this track is a real masterpiece!

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