Baby Young, a promising Cuban Raggaeton artist, is making big strides with his thrilling club banger dubbed ‘Big Juana’, which has become a favourite party anthem for thousands of Cubans.

Baby Young, who is increasingly becoming popular in Havana and other parts of Cuba, is already commanding  attention on airwaves and in night clubs with ‘Big Juana’, which is a massive dancehall studio project.

With over 38K YouTube views ‘Big Juana’, which  is one of the tracks off  Baby Young’s EP dubbed ‘La Cappas’, is now one of  the songs  shaping the Cuban party landscape currently.

It should however be noted that besides ‘Big Juana’,  Baby Young has proved to have the potential of becoming a formidable musician within a short time by dropping other jams like; ‘La Cappas’, ‘Fokin Rasta’, ‘Pasta’, ‘Los Gansta’, to mention but a few.

Tap the link to stream ‘Big Juana’ now but remember that you can also enjoy all the other songs by Baby Young on YouTube.

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