Life is all about partying when it comes to Cuban artist Baby Young and his latest jam ‘Big Juana’ attests to this!

Airwaves and night clubs all over Cuba are literary on fire with ‘Big Juana’, the freshest party anthem, which is blazing  all over the streets.

‘Big Juana’, which has over 38K YouTube views and still counting, is one of the thrilling bangers on Baby Young’s album dubbed ‘La Cappas’, which is also available on YouTube.

We can aptly say that  the Cuban entertainment scene didn’t expect a massive tune like this from Baby Young, hence he took many of them by surprise with this mesmerizing musical ambush.

A very versatile artiste, Baby Young is fast-finding his footing in the Cuban music industry and within a short time he will be one of the most resounding artists from  South America.

Check out ‘Big Juana’ on YouTube by clicking the link to stream the video but don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and to follow Baby Young on all his social media platforms.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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