Nothing poisons a relationship like a cheating woman and matters become even worse when it turns out that she is cheating on two friends!

That’s the exact scenario that Swat Matire attempts to recreate in his latest banger dubbed ‘Bad Girl’, which features Fathermoh and Shekina Karen.

In this song, Swat Matire endeavours to alert men all over the world to avoid being too trusting with their spouses and lovers,  because nothing shatters a man’s heart like discovering that the person he loves and trusts so much is actually cheating on him.

In this particular case, Swat Matire almost faints after discovering that his spouse (Shekina) has been cheating on him with his close pal (Fathermoh) and the ugly truth is only revealed at their wedding, something that leaves him heartbroken and shatters his dreams.

He thus takes it upon himself to warn other men through this song, so that they don’t end up falling victim to the millions of ‘Bad Girls’  that are breaking men’s hearts all over the world.

In fact, if you are a man who has never encountered the kind of ‘Bad Girl’ that Swat Matire sings about, just count yourself lucky, because this is a real-life situation that several men have experienced before.

No wonder ‘Bad Girl’s is attracting thousands of streams and the video boasts of over 146K YouTube views so far, six days after its release, simply because it alludes to a real life station that many men easily identify with!Stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link above

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