When Swat Matire sat down with Fathermoh and Shekina Karen to work on their latest music project dubbed ‘Bad Girl’, little did they know that it would become this explosive!

But currently, ‘Bad Girl’ is one of the hottest jams doing rounds on the Kenyan entertainment scene and has since become a Gengetone classic known all over East Africa.

With ‘Bad Girl’, Swat Matire brought onto the Kenyan music entertainment scene a real game changer that has now set him apart as one of the Kenyan artists with immense musical potential.

It is the kind of song that many Gengetone fans just can’t seem to get tired of, reason why it has been trending on YouTube ever since it premiered a few weeks ago, with over 424K views so far and still counting.

The success brought about by ‘Bad Girl’ highlights the profound progress that Swat Matire’s music career has registered over time, and is testimony to the fact that he is now ready to conquer the industry.

We can ably assure you that you won’t regret clicking the link to stream ‘Bad Girl’ on  YouTube, because it is definitely worth your time and data!

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