It’s very rare to find a Slay Queen who gives her man real love, because most of them are after money; this is exactly what Congolese musical duo Beni Boyz portray in ‘Fake Love’, their latest single.

With ‘Fake Love’, Beni Boyz are out to issue an alert to everyone, fans and haters alike, that most women no longer give men real love nowadays, unless there is money involved somewhere, somehow.

Being a song that resonates well with everyone, especially men, ‘Fake Love’, which already in rotation on various radio stations, is fast-spreading across Uganda.

‘Fake Love’ is a song that mirrors the suffering that most men endure today at the hands of slay queens, who, like the Beni Boyz say, live by the slogan; ‘No money, no love!’

As it is right now, there’s no song in Uganda that hits hard at Slay Queens the way ‘Fake Love’ does, because the track took many of them by surprise, since it exposes their ‘detoothing’ antics.

You can only appreciate the message that the  Beni Boyz have for the Boy Child if you tap the link above to stream ‘Fake Love’ on YouTube, where several other fans are already enjoying it!

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