It is just a matter of days before Congolese dynamic singing duo Beni Boyz drop a new, hot video for their sizzling single  dubbed ‘Fake Love’.

Beni Boyz are set to drop the ‘Fake Love’ video a few days from now, after thrilling their audience with the audio, which is already available on YouTube.

But it is important to note that ‘Fake Love’ is more than just a music video, because it is a manifestation  of the Beni Boyz’s unwavering dedication to their art.

It also  highlights their endless desire to connect with  their audience on a profound level, especially because their song  focuses on women who are after money, not real love.

‘No money-No Love’ is the overriding line in ‘Fake Love’, which clearly brings out the message that the Beni Boyz are trying to deliver in ‘Fake Love’.

This is because most women, not only in Uganda but also in other countries, are after money nowadays and because of that, they can only offer men fake love.

Actually, much as it is a dope Afro-pop jam, the Beni Boyz send out an alert for men throughout the world, warning them to look out for babes whose love is fake, because it  is for sale!Watch this space for updates about the video but in the meantime, you can click the link to stream the audio on YouTube.

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