Big Golden, a Congolese Afro-pop artist, is making great strides in his music career with his debut EP titled ‘PD’ORP’, now available on YouTube.

A very versatile musician who can jump on any beat before him and own it, Big Golden showcases his immense musical talent on this studio project.

An exceptional storyteller who usually tells the story the way it is, Big Golden aims at giving his audience only the best music and the songs on his EP ‘PD’ORP’ can attest to this.

His EP comes with three great jams which include; ‘M8’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Sadoma’, which all revolve around love, affection and enjoying a good life.

Although he has been dropping singles for some time now, Big Golden’ this time around thought it wise to drop his first official EP, so as to test the music industry with a powerful project like ‘PD’ORP’.

We can ably assure you that he is far from getting disappointed, because the EP is already garnering the attention of several fans, who have taken to streaming his music on YouTube.

You too can enjoy streaming ‘PD’ORP’ on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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