Very few people expected to ever hear any Hip-hop music from the Democratic Republic of Congo but rapper Big Golden, who signed up with Black Market Records recently, has since changed this scenario with his new EP dubbed ‘PD’ORP’.



Big Golden debuted this fresh EP on all digital platforms last week and feedback from the market indicates that the project is already gaining momentum.

Featuring three tracks which include; ‘M8’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Sadoma’, this studio project highlights the fact that Congo has immense rap talent that only awaits to be tapped into.

Although the country is mainly known for Rumba, Lingala and other music genres, Big Gold ventures into a new arena by positioning himself as one of the few rappers from Congo, which is highly commendable for him, especially because this is the less trodden road in the Congolese music industry.

More still is that being a talented rapper who is finding his footing in the industry, Big Golden has all the odds in his favour and very soon the world will be awash with news about this Congolese rapper who splits lyrics like a sewing machine does to thread!

Click the link to stream the EP ‘PD’ORP’ on Spotify but remember you can also stream or download it on all other digital platforms.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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