International record label Black Market Records is dominating the Kenyan music industry and currently, the label boasts of having produced some of the songs with the highest number of YouTube views.

Although there are numerous Black Market Record songs on YouTube, below is a list of some of the thrilling jams with millions of views on YouTube;

‘Kuna Kuna’

Done by Vic West ft. Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina and Thee Exit Band, ‘Kuna Kuna’, which has over 19M YouTube views and still counting, is currently one of the hottest bangers in Kenya and among the songs dominating music charts.  

‘Kaskie Vibaya’

This one is a masterpiece done by Fathermoh ft. Sylvia Ssaru, which has so far garnered over 6.9M YouTube views. This song took almost everyone by surprise after attracting millions of YouTube views within the first two weeks of its release. ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is also ranking high on the Kenyan music charts and trending on YouTube.

‘Shamra Shamra’

A product of Mbuzi Gang featuring Mejja, ‘Shamra Shamra’, which turned out to be one of the flagships of Gengetone music, has since surpassed 10M YouTube views and still counting.


Exray Taniua pulled it off with ‘Sipangwingwi’, which features Sylvia Ssaru and Trio Mio, has so far garnered over 8.9M YouTube views, which is remarkable  success not only for artists but also the music label, especially since it was on the first songs that introduced Gengetone onto the scene.


This one is a masterpiece done by Thee Exit Band ft. Mbuzi Gang, with over 4.6M YouTube views, although more and more fans continue streaming it.

Based on the performance of these songs and more others on YouTube, it is now evident that Black Market Records has since  established profound footing in East Africa, because Kenya commands the biggest music industry in the region.    

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