It is a new dawn for all Salsa music enthusiasts everywhere, thanks to popular Cuban band Catedral Del Son, who recently dropped a complete EP dubbed ‘Luna’.

Despite being their debut EP, ‘Luna’ already stands out as one of the best Salsa compilations on the Cuban entertainment scene currently.

The Salsa songs on the EP that have  caught the attention of thousands of Cubans  include; ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situacion’, ‘El Chismoso’, ‘Infiel’ and ‘Se Te Nota Ok’.

With this compilation of sizzling songs Catedral Del Son brings about a whole fresh feeling to Salsa as we originally know it and it is because of this that thousands of fans are now streaming the EP on YouTube.

Besides the thrilling songs, through this EP, Catedral Del Son endeavour to highlight Cuba’s artistic wealth and to emphasize the rich musical background of the country, at least in as far as their creativity is concerned.

Thanks to their lyrical prowess and thought-provoking compositions, Catedral Del Son have over time attained widespread acclaim for  their contribution to the Cuban music industry and their legacy shall live on forever.

Don’t miss out on their great music; click the link to stream all the songs on their EP ‘Luna’ by tapping the link.

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