Famous Cuban band Catedral Del Son has got thousands of Salsa music lovers all over the country dancing to the thrilling tunes off their latest EP dubbed ‘Luna’. 

From nightclubs to bars, streets and people’s homes, not a moment goes by without someone playing at least one or all  the songs on the EP.

Catedral Del Son’s EP, which has already attracted over 15K YouTube views and still counting, features the following jams that have captivate the whole of Cuba; ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situacion’,  ‘El Chismoso’, ‘Infiel’ and ‘Se Te Nota Ok’.     

It is important to note that ‘Luna’ is a massive studio project that has not only cemented Catedral Del Son’s position on the Cuban music scene, but is also a testament to their immense ability to produce very powerful music.

They prove to the world that their musical synergy is unparalleled, as if they were destined to create very emotional songs that resonate deep within the hearts of their fans.

With the tantalizing songs on their EP, Catedral Del Son band takes Cuban music to an entirely different level and it won’t be long before they become a dominant musical force in Latin America.

 Be ready to get thrilled the moment you tap the link above to stream their entire EP ‘Luna’ on YouTube!

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