Uganda has started embracing ‘Cool Me Down’, a party jam by Vic West featuring Thee Exit Band, Savara, Bensoul and Joefes, after the video was premiered by Star TV,  a state-owned TV station.

A song that stirs feel-good vibes in everyone who experiences it, ‘Cool Me Down’ premiered on Star TV on Wednesday, during the station’s Dance Mix Show.

Now, this is a huge breakthrough for Vic West and the other artists on the track, because it means their fan base across East Africa is growing bigger.

It is also a big positive for Gengetone as a genre, because it means that Ugandans have started accepting this revolutionary music style that was born in Kenya.

However, premiering in Uganda aside, ‘Cool Me Down’ continues to make a strong impact not only on the Kenyan entertainment scene but also on YouTube, where it is attracting thousands of streams.

Currently at over 87K and still counting, ‘Cool Me Down’ is still one of the hottest Gengetone tunes on YouTube, thrilling fans from across the East African region and beyond.

Go stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link but remember to follow Vic West on all social media platforms for updates about his music projects.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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