Felista Di Superstar, a Ugandan teenage artist who this week dropped a sizzling music video dubbed ‘Crocodile’, is the new Entertainment Prefect for Kisaasi College S.S.S.

Putting meaning to the saying that ‘Leadership starts at the grassroots’, Felista Di Superstar is already exercising her leadership skills at her school through this new role.

Currently in her Senior One at Kisaasi College, Felista Di Superstar proves to the young generation that she is capable of joining the league of renowned Ugandan musicians who have since taken up leadership positions in various fields.

A true inspiration to other young, upcoming Ugandan artists, Felista Di Superstar makes it known to everyone  that musicians are always born leaders, reason why they have huge followings.

Meanwhile, all this comes at a time when Felista Di Superstar continues to thrill Ugandans with her latest studio project dubbed ‘Crocodile’,  which is already attracting YouTube views from thousands of fans all over the country.

 Her new single ‘Crocodile’, which is a ‘fun-tastic’ party song, has since attracted the attention of people of all ages who are blazing it on streets, in bars, salons and homes across Uganda.

Click the link above to stream ‘Crocodile’ if  you haven’t experienced this magical melody yet!

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