De Catedral Del Son, a popular Cuban band, has released their debut EP titled ‘Luna’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube.

‘Luna’, which is a compilation of thrilling Rhumba songs, is the latest amazing happening on the Cuban entertainment scene.

Their amazing EP comes with the following songs; ‘Infiel’, ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situación’, ‘El Chismoso’ and  ‘Se Te Nota’,  which will blow away everyone who encounters this masterpiece.

After positioning themselves as a group of formidable entertainers over time, De Catedral Del Son is increasingly becoming one of the most influential bands in Cuba and other parts of South America, courtesy of their great music.

Their new EP ‘Luna’ is a remarkable body of musical work that stands out as a testament of their ability to captivate a huge audience, which they are already doing.

They take their fans on a thrilling lyrical journey that is blended with Rhumba and Afro-Caribbean beats sounds that will keep their audience entertained for a very long time.

Make sure you tap the link above to stream ‘Luna’ on YouTube, because this is a tempting musical adventure that you  wouldn’t want to miss!

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