Dude, have you found yourself in a situation whereby you go to a night club, meet this belle and have fun with her all night, only to wake up with her the next day in your bed, without even realising how she got there?

Well, that is the exact situation that Cuban Reggaeton artist Edisson describes in his new music video dubbed ‘Culpa De La Nota’, which he dropped on YouTube a few days ago.

In ‘Culpa De La Nota’, Edisson, who is pleading with his girlfriend to forgive him because he didn’t mean to cheat on her, narrates how met a girl at the nightclub, they both got drank and somehow she ended up in his bed, doing to him things that  his woman does to him.

Well, this is a real life situation that has happened to several men and only a very understanding and loving woman can relate with such a scenario.

‘Culpa De La Nota’ is a song that is very relatable especially amongst the youth, because such scenarios are very common especially among unmarried couples.

Actually, Edisson tries to let the world know that what happened to him can easily happen to any man anywhere in the world and because of this message, the song is increasingly becoming popular amongst his fans, who are streaming the video on YouTube.

You too can enjoy this thrilling jam by clicking the link above to stream it on YouTube.

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