Ugandan music ace Daddy Andre is literary causing a stampede at various night spots in Kampala with his latest drop dubbed ‘So’.

If you know what it means to whine or if a babe has ever whined for you, then you will definitely know what Daddy Andre’s song ‘So’ is all about, because he tells the ladies to keep ‘Whining So…!’

A real dancehall explosion, ‘So’ is the ultimate party jam that immediately turns up the heat for everyone who listens to it, because Daddy Andre created this particular one specially for people with soft and flexible waists, who enjoy a groovy kind of life.

Actually, with ‘So’, Daddy Andre gives his fans more than a million reasons to hit the nearest nightclub, dancehall or any other party spot, although  it is also the kind of song that people can also dance to in the confines of their homes.

With over 6.7K YouTube views and still counting, four days after its release, ‘So’ is already exhibiting signs of being an instant hit, especially because of the overwhelming response the song is triggering amongst Daddy Andre’s fans.

However, it is important to note that this is just the tip of the iceberg, because Daddy Andre intends to cause even more mayhem on the Ugandan party scene by dropping a video for this jam soon.

If you haven’t streamed ‘So’ on YouTube yet, then you  don’t know what you are missing out on; just tap the link above!

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