‘Fertilizer’, a hearty song by Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, is a jam with potential to arouse sweet feelings for everyone who listens to it.

Performed with lots of exuberance and passionate chemistry, ‘Fertilizer’, is the kind of song you would want to fully immerse yourself so as to enjoy every moment of it.

Every warm-blooded human being wants to have a ‘Fertilizer’ in their life, because having such a person not only triggers emotional stability but is also very comforting.

It is because of this that the song is spreading far and wide across East Africa, continuously doing rounds on the airwaves and booming at nightclubs everywhere.

Still trending with over 364K YouTube views and counting, ‘Fertilizer’ continues to exert its presence on the Ugandan entertainment scene with full force.

Whether you believe it or not, ‘Fertilizer’ is a remarkable body of work that shall forever stand as a testament to Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s astounding evolution as artists.

Thanks to their ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics, infectious beats, and powerful rhythms, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz make ‘Fertilizer’ an all-time Afro-pop classic!

Now is the time for you to stream the video if you haven’t  checked it out on YouTube yet and  all you  got to do is click the link above.

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