Legendary Afro-pop star Daddy Andre continues to prove that has potential to take Ugandan music to the rest of the world, thanks to his fresh single dubbed ‘So’.

If you listen to this song closely and try to analyse the unique style with which Daddy Andre attacked this tune, you get convinced that ‘So’ is a jam for the international dancehall audience.

Actually, most people who listen to ‘So’ without taking the trouble to find out who sang it think it was done by a Jamaican dancehall artist.

Now blazing on the streets and in almost all hangouts around Kampala, ‘So’ is the latest party anthem that has since become one of the movers and shakers in the Ugandan music industry.

‘So’ is a jam that is so lit that everyone who encounters it can’t escape the infectious vibes that Daddy Andre stirs as he performs this banger.

With over 42K YouTube views and still counting, barely two weeks after its release, ‘So’ is a song that is continuing Daddy Andre’s legacy as one of Uganda’s greatest musicians ever.

What’s even more interesting is that he is planning to release the video for this song, which based on his reputation, we know it’s going to be killer!

Watch the space for updates about when  the video is dropping but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream ‘So’ on YouTube.  

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