It’s time for the African music landscape to embrace new talent in the name of Johnny Benzx, a Nigerian artist who has released his debut single dubbed ‘Define’ today, on YouTube and all digital platforms.

‘Define’, which is a thrilling fusion of RnB and Afro-Ginger beats, is about people who want to define others and brand them in different categories, without really taking the trouble to know who they really are.

Officially unveiling Johnny Benzx onto the music scene, ‘Define’ is a song that many people will find so appealing, especially because it focuses on our social lives.

With this jam Johnny Benxz attempts to narrate what he goes through daily every time he tries to socialize with people, describing situations that many of us can easily relate with.

With ‘Define’, Johnny Benzx is not out just for purposes of entertaining his audience but to also share his life experience with people, which is a very important lesson for all of us.

No wonder several people have already started responding to the song by fervently streaming it on YouTube and digital platforms, because Johnny Benzx brings about a message that will touch hundreds of thousands of hearts.

By the way there’s no need for you to wait any longer; simply tap the link above to stream ‘Define’ on YouTube.  

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