If you have been eagerly waiting for ‘Dictionary’, a new jam by Emilian Starz, to be available on Spotify, well, then the wait is finally over!

This is because ‘Dictionary’ is now available for streaming and due to public demand, the song is also premiering on YouTube soon, now that it has already circulated on all digital platforms.

Officially released on Friday July 28, 2023, ‘Dictionary’ is a hypnotizing song that will not only make you appreciate Emilian Starz’s sweet vocals but also tempt you into falling in love with her alluring music.  

With this jam, Emilian Starz is out to remind fans that although there is always a need to find someone who appreciates and loves you the way you are, the most important thing is to hold onto that person and never let go of them.

According to Emilian Starz, finding that person is like finding a dictionary for all your feelings and emotions, because the two of you will be in perfect sync.

However, you  can only decipher the encrypted message that Emilian Starz is sharing with the world if you tap the link above to stream ‘Dictionary’ on Spotify.

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