It is not easy for a music video to become contagious but Neliah’s latest video ‘Different’ has since made it to this level, because everyone who encounters it doesn’t remain the same.

Blended with a catchy and upbeat sound, thanks to Neliah’s tantalizing vocals, ‘Different’ has become the kind of song that people just can’t get enough of, no matter how many times they listen to it.

Like most of her songs, Neliah strikes a chord with the youth through this song by speaking to their everyday experiences, especially since most of them are either in love or anticipate hooking up with someone who is different from their former lover.

‘Different’ is a captivating ballad that easily showcases Neliah’s lyrical proficiency and ability to flawlessly blend different musical elements with her voice,  hence the masterpiece  that the song has since become.

With over 69K YouTube views, it is obvious that the catchy chorus and thought-provoking verses have made ‘Different’ very irresistible, thereby leaving thousands of Neliah’s fans craving for more of this track.

Neliah’s ability to push boundaries and consistently evolve her sound is a testament to the fact that she has over time mastered the artistry and passion for creating music that leaves a lasting impact on her audience, just like ‘Different’ is doing.

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Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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