The sky seems to be the only limit for Cuban Reggaeton artist Edisson, because he is not about to stop thrilling Cubans with great music.

After rocking his fans with a captivating track dubbed ‘Cai En Tu Turampa, Edisson is back with a new, hot music video titled ‘Culpa De La Nota’.

‘Culpa De La Nota’ is a thrilling dancehall jam that is bound to give thousands of Cuban music enthusiasts all reason to want to go partying, because it is irresistible.

A very impressive song, ‘Culpa De La Nota’ highlights Edisson’s undeniable talent and the unwavering effort he continues to invest in his music, which is winning him a dedicated fan base.

‘Culpa De La Nota’ is a captivating track that not only showcases Edisson’s lyrical prowess  but also ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements.

 The song’s infectious beat, coupled with his distinctive flow, creates an irresistible Reggaeton and Rhumba fusion  that makes his  ‘Culpa De La Nota’ unmissable.

Now that the video is available on YouTube, all you have to do is tapa the link to go stream it now!

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