Reggaeton artist Edisson has released a new music video for his latest single ‘Cai En Tu Trampa’, which has since premiered on YouTube.

‘Cai En Tu Trampa’ is a thrilling club banger that is already turning tables in the Cuban music industry, especially because of the rate at which it is attracting a huge following for Edisson.

Being his debut music video under Black  Market Records, ‘Cai En Tu Trampa’ is already doing great  at keeping Edisson in the limelight, especially after the song officially unveiling him to the masses as an artist with immense music potential.

In this studio project, Eddison paints a picture of a man  who falls so deeply in love with a woman after she tricked him into it, but even after discovering that she trapped him, he doesn’t want to let go of her.

This is a situation that a number of men have experienced before and can easily relate with, hence ‘Cai En Tu Trampa’ is a song that speaks to a very wide audience, thanks to Eddison’s unique creativity.

With such a great jam like ‘Cai En Tu Trampa’ Eddison surely proves to Cuban music enthusiasts that his career is not only blossoming, but he is here to dominate the industry by dropping hit after hit!

Don’t miss out on this thrilling jam when you can stream the video on YouTube by just clicking the link.

By Isaac Tugume

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