Ugandan artist Emilian Starz continues to capture the essence of human emotions through her music and her latest single titled ‘Dictionary’ is stirring up endless moments of ecstasy for thousands of her fans.

‘Dictionary’, a song in which Emilian Starz focuses on love, romance and mutual understanding between two lovers, is almost magical, because she brings about an endless composition of sweet moments.

 Emilian Starz takes her enchanting performance in this song to a whole new level with a combination of ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics, which make everyone who listens to ‘Dictionary’ melt like jelly.

Her sweet lyrics beautifully portray the depth of affection a woman can feel for a man who can read and understand her emotions and through this, Emilian Starz paints a picture of a love that is both genuine and sincere.

The relatable themes of love, longing, appreciation and mutual understanding between two lovers make ‘Dictionary’ a timeless masterpiece that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, because it is a song that several people identify with.

Actually, just listening to ‘Dictionary’ arouses a sense of longing between lovers, which undoubtedly triggers intense chemistry and a desire for bonding between them.

Go stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube by tapping the link above, to join the over 18K fans that have already felt the passionate message that Emilian Starz  has to offer her audience. 

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