Folks, you can talk all you want, hate all you want and critique all you want; but one thing you all have to agree upon is that Emilian Starz is here to conquer the Ugandan music industry and nothing is about to stop her from doing that!

This exceptionally talented diva is already raising eyebrows with her latest joint dubbed ‘Dictionary, which is fast becoming a sensation on the Ugandan entertainment scene.

If you have never met a woman who makes your heart skip a bit every time she speaks, then you will understand what we mean when we say that ‘Dictionary’ is a song that is out of this world!

The seduction and passion that Emilian Starz exudes as she performs ‘Dictionary’ cannot leave anyone who listens to the song feeling the same, because it is not only so sweet but also very soothing.

Now streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Dictionary’ happens to be the song on almost everyone’s lips, especially because it is a message from a woman’s heart to every warm-blooded man everywhere in the world.

This is because much as we know that everyone can fall in love, to a woman, there is nothing comparable to finding a man who not only understands her feelings but can also satisfy them as adequately as desired.

Please, spare a moment to tap the link above so that you can stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube, because only then will you know why over 15K people have gotten hooked to this  soul-stirring jam so far, and more are still coming aboard!

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