Although it’s very hard for a woman to literary pour out her heart and let her man know what exactly she thinks about him, Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz does it in her latest release dubbed ‘Dictionary’.

Dictionary is such an incredible song that no one wants it to stop the moment it starts playing, and because of this, most fans end up subconsciously hitting the replay button!

With Dictionary, which boasts of over 15K YouTube views so far, Emilian Starz continues to take the Ugandan Afro-pop scene to the next level by doing something out of the box, which nobody expected her to pull off.

A song that every man would like his woman to privately sing for him, ‘Dictionary’ leaves everyone who listens to it speechless, thanks to the singer’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.   

Actually, dude, if there was something in your entire life that you ever wanted to reward yourself with, then it should be a woman who can spare off some time to let you know how she feels about you by singing for you this song; only then will you get to know whether you’re her ‘Dictionary’ or not!

But until then, make sure you  hit the link above so that  you can stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube, because you wouldn’t want to miss enjoying the beauty and sweetness of Emilian Starz’s passionate vocals.

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