If you still think in terms of Oxford, McMillan or Webster when it comes to dictionaries well, then, you are so yesterday, and it means you haven’t come across the ‘Dictionary’ edition by Emilian Starz!

This is because whereas all the other dictionaries focus on the English language, the ‘Dictionary’ edition by Emilian Starz, which is even available on YouTube and digital platforms, is all about emotions, romance and love!

This new ‘Dictionary’ edition by Emilian Starz has already been checked out by over 15K people on YouTube, who can all testify about its being extremely useful, because of its ability to stimulate endless happy moments for anyone who comes across it.

And by the way, you don’t need to learn English or any other foreign language to be able to understand this ‘Dictionary’ by Emilian Starz, because it’s written in a very rare but common language that is a mixture of passionate dialects and emotive innuendos!

This particular ‘Dictionary’ not only portrays Emilian Starz’s unwavering commitment to her musical craft, but is also a problem solver for many people who want to understand the etymology and philosophy behind a number of successful relationships, reason why it’s imperative for everyone to check out!Anyways, if you are still wondering what type of ‘Dictionary’ edition that Emilian Starz has unveiled for scholars of a topic known as love, just hit the link above and all your questions will be answered.

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