Sugary-voiced Ugandan singer Emilian Starz is literary causing a stampede on Tik Tok with her latest single titled ‘Dictionary’, which has since gone viral on the social media App.

We can ably reveal that Tik Tok is currently flooding with dance challenge videos for ‘Dictionary’, which are being shared across the platform by both Emilian Starz and hundreds of her fans all over the country.

This alone is indicative of the fact that Emilian Starz’s fans have since welcomed ‘Dictionary’ open-handedly and are expressing their love for the song by being part of it, through sharing challenge videos of them vibing to the tune.

It is important to note that this is a commendable milestone for Emilian Starz, because the storm that ‘Dictionary’ has sparked on Tik Tok is bound to make the song spread far and wide before even anyone realizes what’s going on!

Meanwhile, ‘Dictionary’ is not only doing wonders on Tik Tok, because the jam is also causing a buzz on YouTube, where it has already attracted over 15K views and still counting, which is another positive for Emilian Starz.

Guys, tap the link above to stream the audio on  YouTube but don’t hesitate to check out the numerous dance challenge videos  for the song on Tik Tok.

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