Gorgeous Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz on Friday left a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of many revelers at Arena Lounge in Bugolobi, after she staged a very thrilling live performance.

Emilian Starz, who was performing at Arena Lounge’s famed Wild Out Night, rocked partiers with some of her hot jams like ‘Toola’, ‘Mulamba’, ‘Hello’, among others.

However, of the songs she performed, ‘Toola’, which features Angella Katatumba, turned out to be the crowd’s favourite and many of the revelers sang along to the tune as she performed.

 ‘Toola’, which is already available for streaming on digital platforms and YouTube, has made Emilian Starz the talk of town ever since she released it, mainly because it is a very captivating love song.

One of the sweetest collabos on the Ugandan entertainment scene currently, ‘Toola’ is the song almost everyone is scrambling to listen to, because it is so appealing, especially for couples in love.

So, folks, if by any bad luck you missed watching Emilian Starz performing ‘Toola’ live on stage, worry not, because you  can still stream the jam on YouTube by clicking the link above. 

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