Love is always sweet when your partner can read and decipher your emotions, because only then can he satisfy your feelings; this is exactly what Emilian Starz says in her soothing jam dubbed ‘Dictionary’.

By singing about a man who understands her so well that she reaches an extent of referring to him as her ‘Dictionary’, Emilian Starz wants fans to know that every woman has her own set of emotions that need to be taken care of by her man, although it is rare to find a man who can fit in the picture perfectly.

Being a song that specifically addresses women’s emotions, ‘Dictionary’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms, is already blazing with passion in the hearts of thousands of Ugandans.

With over 11K YouTube views just two days after its premiere on YouTube, it is imperative to assert that ‘Dictionary’ commands the attention of numerous Ugandan music enthusiasts.

It is a song in which Emilian Starz diligently poured her heart and soul into crafting, and by doing so, she lived to the high expectations that she has over time set for her ever growing fan base.

Just tap the link above to stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube now!

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