Ugandan vocal goddess Emilian Starz is turning up the heat, especially for men, with her latest single dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is such a soothing, sweet love ballad.  

‘Dictionary’ is a song that Emilian Starz seems to have created with one main intention; to always be a mega turn-on for everyone who listens to it.

Whoever listens to this track can’t avoid being hypnotized by the singer’s ticklish and seductive voice, because Emilian Starz sounds like a heavenly choir of saints as he performs this track.

No wonder, the song has already enchanted thousands of Ugandans, many of whom have taken to massively streaming it on YouTube, whereby so far 15K fans have already streamed the audio, yet more keep getting hooked to ‘Dictionary’.

The message Emilian Starz passes out to her fans through this song is simple; she reminds people in relationships to always appreciate partners or spouses who not only just love them but also understand their feelings and emotions.

It is a message that is easy to digest, especially for lovers everywhere on earth, because this is a very vital ingredient that determines whether a relationship will be successful or not.

If you really care about that special someone in your life, then make it a point to stream ‘Dictionary’ with them today on YouTube; just hit the link above.

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