Sensational love ballad ‘Dictionary’ is turning into a major breakthrough for Ugandan artist Emilian Starz, in as far as her music career is concerned.

This is because Emilian Starz is breaking new grounds with ‘Dictionary’ and expanding her ever-growing fan base by attracting more and more followers.

Thanks to her sweet, beautiful vocals, Emilian Starz is literally charming thousands of people into falling for her music, and if you can ask us, we can ably assure that her Juju isn’t bad at all!    

Although Emilian Starz has over time released a number of songs, Dictionary’ is turning out to be her biggest studio project this year, because the audio alone has so far garnered over 15K YouTube views, and only God knows what will happen when she releases the video for this track.

One thing for sure is that Emilian Starz can never disappoint when it comes to sharing her musical gift with the world and ‘Dictionary’ stands as testimony to this fact, which perhaps  explains why the song has since gone viral on TikTok.

Many of you might remember Emilian Starz from her hit single ‘Mr. Lover’ but with ‘Dictionary’, she unveils a masterpiece that will forever be a part of the Ugandan entertainment scene.

To stream this song on YouTube, all you got to do is tap the link above and you will bask in the ‘Sweet Juju’ that Emilian Starz offers the world through ‘Dictionary’!  

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