Cuban artists Mucho Birbo and Charanga Habanera’s new music video dubbed ‘Estoy Pa Party’, which features Livan Pro is a real thriller that you must check out!

These three talented artists put their heads together and produced a song that has since become a Reggaeton classic in Cuba and other parts of South America.

‘Estoy Pa Party’, which is a visually stunning masterpiece, is a homage to the vibrant party life in Havana and other parts of Cuba, capturing the essence, energy, and unique vibe that most Cubans exude whenever they go partying.

Mucho Birbo’s exceptional artistry, coupled with Habaner’s soulful melodies take listeners on an extraordinary journey through the heart and soul of Cuba with ‘Estoy Pa Party’.

The breathtaking cinematography and meticulous attention to detail in the music video treats viewers to a visual feast, plunging them in the ever bustling nightlife in Havana.

Actually, Mucho Birbo and Habanera have managed to captivate a huge audience with their soulful sounds and passionate performances, reason why the video is being streamed by thousands of fans on YouTube.

Go check  out the video on YouTube by clicking the link above if you haven’t experienced it yet!

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