Reggaeton artists Mucho Birbo and Charanga Habanera are taking Cuban music to the rest of the world with their sizzling jam dubbed ‘Estoy Pa Party’, which features Lavin Pro.

The song has since crossed the Cuban borders over to Italy, where it is already rocking Reggaeton fans after hundreds of Italians fell in love with it.

But as if that is not enough, ‘Estoy Pa Party’ is also doing rounds on music charts in Italy, on top of featuring on the ITunes playlist.

This is a huge mileage for Mucho Birbo, because he is now extending his fan base to reach as far as Italy and very soon he will be a big brand in the whole of Europe.

Meanwhile, besides ‘Estoy Pa Party’ thrilling Italians, the song is also performing well in Cuba, where it is featured on a number music charts.

According to the latest rankings from WWW.Latinofm.web, ‘Estoy Pa Party’ ranks at No#4 on a playlist of the hottest 15 songs in Cuba currently.

This means that Mucho Birbo now has the attention of thousands of Cuban music enthusiasts and his fans are always anticipating great music from him.

Meanwhile, the song is also doing wonders on YouTube with over 26K views and still counting because Cubans are widely streaming it and you too can enjoy this super hit by clicking the link above.  

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