Due to public demand and the rate at which the audio for her latest single ‘Crocodile’ is becoming popular, Felista Di Superstar has decided to drop a video for this banger!

Felista took many of her fans by surprise when she dropped the ‘Crocodile’ audio on digital platforms and YouTube a few days ago; actually she caught many off guard.

The audio has already reached a very wide audience, indicating that the masses are always looking up to Felista to thrill them with her fascinating music.

With ‘Crocodile’, Felista exhibits a mesmerizing display of vulnerability, inviting fans to join her on a deeply emotional journey as she rocks them with the tune.

She performs the song with a voice full of vibrant emotions, carrying the weight of the lyrics with an intensity that is impossible to ignore, reason why ‘Crocodile’ is one of the jams rocking Ugandans lately.

Despite being a budding musician, Felista has mastered the art of creating an undeniably deep connection with  her fans, which has helped her music to reach far and wide.

Watch out for the ‘Crocodile’ that is premiering on YouTube in a few days’ time but in the meantime, you can click the link to stream the audio.

However, make sure to subscribe to Felista’s YouTube channel and to follow her on social media to keep updated about her music projects.

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