What started as a simple song dubbed ‘Crocodile’, done by juvenile dancehall artist Felista Di Superstar, has since become something else on the Ugandan music scene.

Already, thousands of Ugandans are vibing to ‘Crocodile’ like it has always been a part of their lives, after getting hooked to the positive energy that Felista Di Superstar exudes as she performs this track.

It all started with Felista dropping the audio on digital platforms, where it was treated to massive reception by her fans, only for her  to take ‘Crocodile’ notch higher by dropping the video on YouTube, where it is being streamed by thousands of people.

With the video for ‘Crocodile’, Felista unveiled on the entertainment scene a visually stunning masterpiece that further elevates her exceptional musical potential.

Created with each scene carefully crafted to add depth and intensity to the overall viewing experience, the ‘Crocodile’ video takes viewers on a merrymaking journey, visually interpreting the emotions and fun-filled moments conveyed through this song.

Composed with a very catchy chorus and thought-provoking verses, ‘Crocodile’ has quickly become an instant hit in Uganda, leaving listeners craving for more of Felista.

It’s about time you tapped the link to stream ‘Crocodile’ on YouTube, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun!

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