Multi-talented Ugandan artists Daddy Andre and Nina Roz  have put the entire East Africa on tenterhooks, after news spread across the region that they are dropping  the video for their new hit dubbed ‘Fertilizer’.

It is now no longer a secret that the ‘Fertilizer’ video is dropping on YouTube tomorrow, Wednesday July 12th, 2023.

This news has however caused untold excitement not only in Uganda but across East Africa,  whereby fans just can’t wait for it to drop, because they know this combination is fire!

Meanwhile, as fans await the video premiere, we have established that ‘Fertilizer’ is now playing beyond Uganda’s borders, after the song debuted on Trace Mziki Kenya this week.

This means that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have built a huge fan base that spans around the East African region and beyond.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have been making headlines ever since they dropped ‘Fertilizer’ audio last week, which has already garnered over 99K YouTube views and still counting.

The popularity that the audio is attracting alone is enough to prove to the whole world that ‘Fertilizer’ is already a chartbuster song and only God knows what will happen when the video gets released tomorrow.

You can tap the link above to stream the promo trailer on YouTube as we wait for the video but don’t forget to listen to the full audio too.

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