If you haven’t encountered a song that will remind you of how flexible your waist is, then you ought to experience ‘Fertilizer’, a pulsating banger by Daddy Andre and Nina Roz!

A real waist bender, ‘Fertilizer’ is that kind of song that tempts you into getting groovy every time you hear it playing, because it immediately gets you swinging, even before you know it.

Although there are so many Ugandan songs currently on the market, ‘Fertilizer’ stands in a league of its own, because it’s a combination of sweet emotions, passion, fun and a mutual congregation of feelings, all which make the song irresistible.

Actually, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz become trendsetters on the Ugandan music scene with this song, because given their tumultuous past, no could have expected them to churn out such a masterpiece.

To that end, it is not surprising that ‘Fertilizer’ continues with its upward projection on YouTube, whereby the video is still trending, and has already attracted over 361K views so far.

If you are a true Ugandan music enthusiast, then you will agree that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz deserve a standing ovation for having come up with such a great song.

Go stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube by clicking the link above and together let’s make it bigger than it already is!

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