Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s new song titled ‘Fertilizer’ has since turned out to be a blockbuster that has the whole of Uganda vibing to it.

Actually, as you read this, ‘Fertilizer’ is not only trending at No#10 on the list of the top 20 songs in Uganda,  but is also the No#1 song in Kampala currently.

However, besides performing well on YouTube, with over 223K views just a week after its release, ‘Fertilizer’ is also the song that has taken over all radio and TV stations across the country, because Ugandans just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Dominating a number of music charts both on airwaves in the city and upcountry, ‘Fertilizer’ is the only song in Uganda that is giving everyone all reasons to go partying, because it is booming at night clubs, in bars, salons, buses, taxis and on the streets.

 If you are a Ugandan music enthusiast but you haven’t streamed ‘Fertilizer’ yet then you’re doing yourself a disservice; just tap the  link above!

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