Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s latest drop dubbed ‘Fertilizer’ has literary taken over social media app Tik Tok, just three days after its release.

Currently, there are over 400 Tik Tok challenge videos for ‘Fertilizer’, which indicates that Ugandans are treating this jam to the standing ovation it deserves.

‘Fertilizer’ is a song that is sending shockwaves throughout the country, so much so that some fans on Tik Tok contend that Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are two souls that make a perfect match and all they have to do is settle down together.

However, important to note is that ‘Fertilizer’ is not only flooding Tik Tok, but is also doing wonders on Instagram and being massively streamed on YouTube.

Trending on YouTube at No#11 currently, ‘ Fertilizer’ is thrilling Ugandan music enthusiasts, whereby so far, the song has attracted over 48K views and still counting, within three days of its premiere.

The rate at which Ugandans are streaming the ‘Fertilizer’ audio only indicates one thing; that they have fallen in love with the song and just can’t wait for the video to drop!

Click the link to check out the Tik Tok challenges for ‘Fertilizer’ but don’t forget to stream the entire song on YouTube!

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