Several Ugandan TV stations have caught the ‘Fertilizer’ fever that Nina Roz ignited the day she dropped this sizzling collabo with Daddy Andre.

Ever since ‘Fertilizer’ premiered a few weeks ago, it has become cannon fodder for numerous TV stations, especially because thousands of viewers keep requesting for the video to be played.

Actually, an hour goes by without ‘Fertlizer’ gracing TV screens in many Ugandan homes and the song has become so popular that it has since made Nina Roz and Daddy Andre become household names once again.

Some of the popular TV stations that are being credited for according ‘Fertilizer’ massive airplay include; NBS TV, NTV, Bukedde TV, Sanyuka TV, Face TV, Delta TV, UBC TV, Magic1 TV, Baba TV, Star TV, Spark TV, Urban TV, to mention but a few.

Based on the massive airplay that TV stations are giving ‘Fertilizer’, there is little or no doubt at all about this song being a monster hit!

Meanwhile, besides enjoying dominance on various TV stations, ‘Fertilizer’ is also causing a stir on YouTube, whereby the video has so far attracted over 347K views and still counting.

This means that fans who haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video on TV are fervently streaming it on YouTube, which you too can do by simply clicking the link above!

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