The long-awaited music video for ‘Fertilizer’, a fresh banger by Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, has since premiered and is now available for streaming on YouTube.

The ‘Fertilizer’ video, which is so colourful and heavily imbued with romantic moments, will surely blow away everyone’s mind, because it is a very captivating masterpiece.

Bound to send shockwaves throughout the Ugandan music industry, ‘Fertilizer’ is nothing like anyone had expected, and believe it or not, the visuals will take many fans by surprise.

‘Fertilizer’ is a song that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz intend to dedicate to people in relationships all around the world, because these two artists attempt to depict the highs and lows that all lovers go through.

It is a classic tale that brings out the true meaning of the phrase which; ‘We make up, to break up and make up again!’

Based on the significant attention garnered by the audio, which has so far attracted over 100K YouTube views, the ‘Fertilizer’ video is set to dominate music charts not only in Ugandan but also across East Africa for a long time to come.

Guys, without further ado, we hereby invite you to tap the link above so that you can delve into the ‘Fertilizer’ video on YouTube.

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