Ugandan music genius Daddy Andre’s latest single dubbed ‘So’ is now available for streaming and downloading on YouTube, shortly after it debuted on all digital platforms.

Fans who haven’t accessed the song yet on digital platforms can now enjoy ‘So’ on YouTube, where it comes complete with the lyrics, a twist that makes it even more enjoyable.

‘Baby whine it so so so so so so’ is a line that echoes endlessly in the mind of every listener who listens to this song the very first time, making them feel like they want to whine too!

A song that leaves a lasting impression in the life of everyone who encounters it, ‘So’ is already doing a great job at imprinting Daddy Andre in the hearts of thousands of his fans.

With this jam, Daddy Andre is already shaking up the Ugandan music landscape, especially since he proves without any reasonable doubt that he has potential to drop hits back-to-back.

This is because ‘So’ drops at a time when he still has another hit on rotation dubbed ‘Fertilizer’, a pulsating collabo with Ugandan diva Nina Roz!

Go stream ‘So’ now on YouTube by simply clicking the link above.

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