Popular Ugandan TV station Galaxy TV deserves all the props for embracing Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s club banger titled ‘Fertilizer’, which the station is airing back-to-back.

Unlike most TV stations, Galaxy TV, which stands out among others when it comes to promoting Ugandan music, is definitely doing justice to ‘Fertilizer’, by playing the video whenever viewers request for it, due to the demand it’s stirring up from everywhere.

Well, even if we were in their shoes we would do the same; because ‘Fertilizer’ is currently one of the most popular Ugandan songs on the airwaves not only in Uganda, but also across East Africa.

This jam, which has left thousands of fans heaping praises on Daddy Andre and Nina Roz for being a dynamic musical duo that always delivers, now boasts of over 388K YouTube and counting, just one month after its release, which is a huge positive for the artists who did it. 

However, if you have been so unlucky lately and have not chanced upon ‘Fertilizer’ on Galaxy TV yet, there is absolutely no need to worry, because you can still stream the video on YouTube by  clicking the link above!

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