Kenyan songstress Teslah and Ndovu Kuu’s thrilling collabo dubbed ‘Hubby’ has since debuted on YouTube and the song is already commanding attention from several of her fans.

This debut on YouTube comes shortly after ‘Hubby’ premiered on all digital platforms, where it is trending on Boomplay and Spotify, after becoming one of the most streamed new Kenyan songs.

‘Hubby’ is a chillaxing ballad that depicts the epitome of any relationship, be it marriage or cohabiting, because in this song, Teslah sings about a wife who is declaring overwhelming love and appreciation for her husband, plus the desire to be with him forever.

Through this melody Teslah portrays the dream-wife for every man anywhere in the world, because she sings about things like being loyal to her hubby, taking care of him, producing for him children and  the willingness to do everything that a husband would expect from his wife.

There wouldn’t be any better way for a wife to express her love and respect for her husband than the way Teslah does it in this thought-provoking song.Dear lovely lady, if you really love your husband like you profess, then what’s stopping you from clicking the link so that you can stream  ‘Hubby’ on YouTube with him?

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