Believe it or not, Kenyan songbird Teslah is literary on fire, thanks to her latest video dubbed ‘Hubby’, featuring Ndovu Kuu, which debuted on YouTube this week.

With this particular studio project, Teslah seems to be here to showcase her musical prowess and by doing so, she is taking Kenyan music to the rest of the world with ‘Hubby’.

This is because in ‘Hubby’, she takes on the position of a wife, who is so grateful to her hubby for not only loving but also giving her a relationship that she is so proud of, to the extent that she vows to give him babies that will call him daddy.

Well, we all know that having a family is a universal call, which means that Teslah not only sings to her fans in Kenya as she performs ‘Hubby’, but to the whole world.

Indeed, Teslah is an amazing talent blessed with a unifying voice and ‘Hubby’ is bound to catapult her brand across the worldwide music landscape, because it’s a song that appeals to millions of people; whether dating, married or cohabiting.

Actually, the way she performs this song will tempt lots of single ladies out there to launch a hunt for that man who can be their ‘Hubby’, because we  all know that being single isn’t fun at all. Don’t wait any longer if you haven’t streamed the video on YouTube yet, because you can do so by tapping the link above.

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