Teslah’s collabo with Ndovu Kuu dubbed ‘Hubby’, which is available on YouTube and all digital platforms, is increasingly becoming addictive for everyone who listens to it.

Everyone who listens to the song immediately gets hooked by the charming vocals, carefully crafted lyrics, sweet rhythm, and more importantly, the message they tend to pass across through this jam.

Teslah endeavours to let the audience know through this song that although all husbands are men, not every man is husband material!

It is because of this that she urges every woman who has found a man that is husband material to hold onto him, and treat him like a real wife ought to treat her hubby.

Although it is true that Teslah and Ndovu Kuu have both released several songs in the past, their collabo ‘Hubby’ is somewhat different from all the other songs that you’ve listened to before.

This is because it is something new, refreshing and carries a message that we didn’t know we needed, yet  now that we know,  no one wants to let go of it; every woman wants a hubby like  Ndovu Kuu while every man wants a wife like Teslah!

Tap the link above to stream  ‘Hubby’ on YouTube, just like thousands of other people are doing.

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